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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is the 37th Super Sentai team. It is the first team to have the most rangers on it, including Kyoryu Cyan (Yuko) & Kyoryu Violet (Doctor Ulshade). In the TV series it would have the most power ups than any other Sentai team. When Power Rangers Dino Charge premires, it will be the first season ever to not have a Yellow Ranger. It is also the first season to not have a Yellow Ranger since Dengeki Sentai Changeman.



The Kyoryugers

Extra Kyoryugers

Extra Kyoryugers

Kyoryuger Kyoryu Red Carnival

Kyoryu Red Carnival

Kyoryuger Kyoryu Red Gaburu Armed On

Kyoryu Red Gaburu Armed On

Tyrannosaurus Kyoryu Red (Kyoryu Red Carnival/Kyoryu Red Gaburu Armed On)
Parasaurolophus Kyoryu Black
Stegosaurus Kyoryu Blue
Velociraptor Kyoryu Green
Triceratops Kyoryu Pink
Pteranodon Kyoryu Gold
Ankylosaurus Kyoryu Cyan & Kyoryu Cyan (Yuko)
Pachycephalosaurus Kyoryu Gray
Plesiosaurus Kyoryu Violet & Kyoryu Violet (Doctor)
Brachiosaurus Kyoryu Silver

Giant RobotsEdit

Kyoryuger Kyoryuzin


Kyoryuger Pteraiden-Oh


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