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Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger is the twenty-eighth Super Sentai team. It is the first team to have the most members followed by Kyoryuger. So far, it is the only team to equal all gender members 5-5. Rumors were heard that they might include Deka Swan.




Dekaranger SWAT Mode and DekaMaster

Dekarangers in SWAT Mode and DekaMaster

Dekaranger DekaRed Battlizer

DekaRed Battlizer

1 DekaRed (S.W.A.T. Mode/Battlizer)
2 DekaBlue (S.W.A.T. Mode)
3 DekaGreen (S.W.A.T. Mode)
4 DekaYellow (S.W.A.T. Mode)
5 DekaPink (S.W.A.T. Mode)
VI/6 DekaBreak
100 DekaMaster

Dekaranger RoboEdit

Dekaranger's Robo

Dekaranger Robo

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