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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is the 36th Super Sentai team.



The first three Go-Busters

New Go-Busters

The two new Go-Busters

Cheetah Red Buster (Red Buster Powered Custom)
Gorilla Blue Buster (Blue Buster Powered Custom)
Rabbit Yellow Buster (Yellow Buster Powered Custom)
Beetle Beet Buster
Stag Stag Buster



The three BuddyRoids

Cheetah Cheeda Nick
Gorilla Gorisaki Banana
Rabbit Usada Lettuce

All Go-Busters RoboEdit

Go-Buster Ace and Go-BusterOh

Go-Buster Ace and Go-BusterOh.

Go-Buster Beet and Buster Heracles

Go-Buster Beet and Buster Heracles.

Go-Busters Great Go-Buster

Great Go-Buster.

Go-Busters Go-Buster King

Go-Buster King.

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