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Kyoryu Red Gaburu Armed On.jpg|[[Kyoryu Red Gaburu Armed On]]
Kyoryu Red Gaburu Armed On.jpg|[[Kyoryu Red Gaburu Armed On]]
Hyper ToQ 1gou.jpg|[[Hyper ToQ-1Gou]]
Hyper ToQ 1gou.jpg|[[Hyper ToQ-1Gou]]
==Armed On==
:''Armed On Mode is a form taken by the [[Kyoryugers]]. However, it is not counted as a Super Ranger form, rather an extension form used to access weapons (other than the Gaburevolver). Dice-O acknowledges this and includes Armed On on the pages of the Kyoryugers rather than creating seperate pages as is done with Rangers and their Super Ranger forms.''
<gallery widths="120" hideaddbutton="true" align="center" captionalign="left">
Kyoryu Red Armed On.jpg|[[Kyoryu Red|Kyoryu Red Armed On]]
Kyoryu Black Armed On.jpg|[[Kyoryu Black|Kyoryu Black Armed On]]
Kyoryu Blue Armed On.jpg|[[Kyoryu Blue|Kyoryu Blue Armed On]]
Kyoryu Green Armed On.jpg|[[Kyoryu Green|Kyoryu Green Armed On]]
Kyoryu Pink Armed On.jpg|[[Kyoryu Pink|Kyoryu Pink Armed On]]
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